Moses: Endurance

Moses represents financial endurance, which requires well-ordered financial habits. We see this in his life in the way he implemented meticulous, thorough, and extremely structured systems pertaining to resources. Financial endurance doesn’t happen with haphazard, disorganized financial thinking and practices. Moses types are very organized with money and love thorough, thoughtful, short-and long-term financial plans. They find a system that works and they stick with it. They come to life within structure. Moses types are steady-handed, consistent, and determined.

Moses types believe there should be a place for every dollar, and every dollar should be in its place. They’ll check to make sure this is the case, and often so. Doing this provides Moses types the assurance not only that they are doing their part to provide for their needs in the most responsible way possible, but also that they have done everything within their power to prepare for financial situations that may arise in the future.

Moses was highly organized with resources. The books Exodus and Leviticus are stocked with examples that illustrate the plans Moses received from the Lord and had to execute, plans that called for meticulous resource management. Moses types love order, especially in their finances. They view it as the secret to longevity and long-term financial vitality. And while they think about money all the time, their well-ordered financial lifestyles provide space for them not to worry excessively about money.

Next, you’ll learn about the Aaron money type.

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